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Creating a World-class School of Science by Carrying out International Cooperation in-Depth with Multi-measures in Parallel-School of Science by visiting Western Universities of U.S.

2017年12月26日 11:28 Lin Du, Fang Chen 点击:[]

December 01, 2017 at 12:37  Du Lin, Chen Fang

Due to the invitation of University of CaliforniaBerkeley, University of CaliforniaIrvine Arizona State University, a team led by Zichen Deng, Dean of School of Natural and Applied Sciences, went to California and Arizona for a 10-day academic exchange and talent recruitment, together with Deputy Dean Yufeng Nie, Director of Department of Applied Physics Professor Kexin Jin, associate professor Lin Du of Department of Applied Mathematics, and associate professor Fang Chen of Department of Applied Chemistry.

Along the way, the team visited six well-known colleges and universities in the United States, which is University of California, Berkeley, Cal tech, Stanford University, University of California, Irvine, University of California, LA, UCLA, and Arizona State University, ASU. Not only this visit deepens the international cooperation among the relevant faculties in the School of Natural and Applied Sciences, but also conducts in-depth exchanges and cooperation with elites in the related fields in Silicon Valley of different research backgrounds. The visit publicizes Northwestern Polytechnical University and the development of our school in western United States, and promotes an important step toward internationalization for establishing a strong science institute.

1. To further enhance the internationalization of School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Nonlinear dynamics is the quantitative and qualitative study of various movement states in nonlinear dynamical systems, especially the evolution of sports patterns of science. Using nonlinear dynamics theory, combined with numerical optimization methods, has become a widely used research method in a variety of complex systems such as aerospace, materials, mechanics, physics, chemistry, neural networks and ecology. The primary purpose of this trip to the United States is to exchange the latest research results of "Nonlinear Dynamics Theory and Numerical Optimization Algorithm" with foreign top research teams, and fully exchange the achievements in the field of aviation and materials, quantum transport, neuro dynamics and ecology and other fields, in order to further enhance the level of international studies in the research fields of "Nonlinear Dynamics Theory and Numerical Methods". Professor Zichen Deng and Lin Du communicated in-depth respectively on "Non-linear guaranteed structure algorithm in the field of space solar power station application" and "Progress in Nonlinear Stochastic Motive and its Applications in Life Science" with Professor Yingcheng Lai’s task group of Physics, Department of Electronics and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University, USA. A further discussion on doctoral co-cultivation and other cooperation mode was taken with UC Irvine and Arizona State University after the meeting to lay a good foundation of making the "world-renowned first-class scholar" as the normalization of our college.

Figure 1. Discussing on Research Progress of Nonlinear Dynamics in Quantum Transport, Neural Networks and Other Fields. (Professor Yingcheng-Lai task group of Physics, Department of Electronics and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University, USA)

2. Strengthen cooperation with high-level international partners

In recent years, the college has placed special emphasis on the development of international cooperation and has established good cooperative relations with Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and University of Glasgow, Cardiff University, the U.K., the Netherlands University of Twente and other universities. The visit focused on deepening the joint study of the University with UC Irvine and Arizona State University and conducted in-depth discussions on specific issues such as the co-establishment of "NPU-UC Irvine High Performance Computing Center" and "NPU-ASU Nonlinear Dynamics Joint Research Institute".

Figure 2. Professor Zichen Deng Promote Northwestern Polytechnical University to Overseas Talents @ Arizona State University, USA

3. Multi-level, multi-dimensional initiatives to attract high-level talent

Since its establishment, School of Natural and Applied Sciences has been adhering to the concept of "First-class Universities, First-class Scholars" to carry out high-level talent introduction. In addition to enhancing academic cooperation with its partners, the visit also conducts extensive and in-depth exchanges with overseas scholars, business elites and students at different levels. Through extensive exchanges with overseas talents at different levels, it has laid a good foundation for overseas think tanks for the international cooperation work of our school. It is of great significance to deepen the popularity of our and the School of Science in Overseas Chinese Circle in North America by taking "International well-known scholars and overseas business elite" high-level talent as the focus.

Figure 3. Exchange with Foreign Students at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University, USA @American ASU

4. In-depth exchange with well-known alumni overseas

Alumni are important resources for enhancing the social relations between schools and all walks of life. Maintaining contact with well-known overseas alumni is an important measure to expand the profile of schools. During the trip to the United States, accompanied by Feng Liu, it is also fortunate to visit the office of Aerodynamics Professor Shijun Luo at UCI and bring back many precious data. Professor Shijun Luo has been working at UCI after retirement, and cooperates with Professor Feng Liu for a long-term research. From Mr. Luo's doctoral dissertations, teaching notes and other precious historical materials, to Luo's extensive reading books greatly inspires the young scholars to learn the older generation of scientists to teach and educate people, rigorous scholarship, firmly engages in scientific research and education of faith, and down-to-earth to do a new era of educators.

Figure 4. (a-c) Professor Shijun Luo PhD thesis, teaching notes; (D) Professor Shijun Luo 's shelf at UCI's Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering; (e) Prof. Shijun Luo at UCI's Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering; (F) Alumni of our school: Professor Feng Liu and Dr. Juntao Xiong (98 alumni), UCI Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

During the visit, the delegation also visited several famous universities such as Caltech, UCLA, etc. The visit broadens the horizon of young researchers and promotes the goal of creating a world-class science based on the basic science by focusing on world-class universities and first-class discipline developments.

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