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School of Natural and Applied Sciences, NPU, going to Australia for Expanding International Cooperation and Talent Recruitment

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At the invitation of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), a delegation led by Dai Fuping, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Natural and Applied Sciences, consists of Deputy Dean Nie Yufeng, Professor Jin Kexin, Head of the Department of Applied Physics, Professor Gu Junwei, Head of the Department of Applied Chemistry. From August 19 to 24, they went to Brisbane, Australia, to attend a series of activities organized by QUT on the theme of "Student Tour" International Partners Week. During this period, they exchanged views on types of QUT International cooperation and exchange programs, application process, language training and career planning, and visited many research and teaching laboratories in QUT. They also held in-depth discussions on the further talent development between QUT and NPU (exchange visits for teachers and students, co-cultivation of graduate students and undergraduates, etc.) and research cooperation (joint application for projects and publication of academic papers, etc.). It is decided to jointly organize bilateral academic conferences and summer camps for college students this winter holiday to further promote personnel training and scientific research cooperation between the two sides.

In order to attract outstanding overseas young talents to work at the School of Natural and Applied Sciences, NPU, the school took the opportunity of the "Student Tour" International Partner Week. With the help of QUT, our school successfully organized the talents seminar at QUT on the afternoon of August 22, 2017. The seminar attracted more than 30 experts, postdocs and doctoral students from University of Queensland and Griffith University. Secretary Dai Fuping firstly expressed his sincere gratitude to Professor Gu Yuan Tong, head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of QUT (ARC Fellowship, Australia), for issuing recruitment information and preparing professional candidates for enrollment. Then he introduced the general situation of NPU, and gave a detailed interpretation of NPU’s personnel introduction policy and support conditions. Afterwards, he explained the advantages of the school on teaching, research, laboratory, international cooperation and other aspects.

The participating young talents conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with members of the recruitment team on issues related to their professional fields, working conditions and living conditions. They are very interested in the policy and favorable treatment of the talents of NPU, and expressed their appreciation to the school for its emphasis and respect on young talents. Relevant professional experts and scholars, postdocs and doctoral students submitted their resumes and applications for job-seekers on the spot, are looking forward to going back to China and joining NPU to contribute their strength to their field and national defense.

(Text: Gu Junwei; review: Dai Fuping)

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