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Professor Ingo Schiermeyer of the technical university of freiberg visited our school

2018年08月06日 10:41  点击:[]

At the invitation of professor zhang shenggui and assistant professor li ruonan,professorIngo Schiermeyer of the technical university of freiberg in Germany came to our school for a visitfromJuly 21, 2018toJuly 27, 2018.


During the visit, professor Schiermeyer present the topic "On the Chromatic number of graphs 2 k2 - free" academic report for the graph theory and combinatorial mathematics team in our school. At the same time, Schiermeyer discussed the existence of normal chromon graphs in edge coloring graphs and Hamilton problem with teachers and students.

Ingo Schiermeyer is an internationally renowned Graph theorist and currently serves as the executive editor of Graphs and Combinatorics. He has excellent work on Graph coloring Theory, Hamilton Theory, Graph Theory algorithm, combinatorial optimization and so on. He has published several papers in Combinatorica, Journal of Graph Theory, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics and other journals.The paper was cited nearly a thousand times.

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