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The Department of Applied Chemistry

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The Department of Applied Chemistryof Northwestern Polytechnical University was establishedin 1957.Itoriginated fromthe teaching and research group ofpolymer materials engineering.Our undergraduate programs offer polymer material and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, and environment science. The MSc programs now cover polymer chemistry and physics, physical chemistry (including chemical physics). We are also qualified to run PhD programs in chemistry, material science, material process engineering, polymer chemistry and physics, and organic chemistry. We have five key laboratories which includesSuperconditions materialsofKey Laboratory of physics and chemistry, Ministry of education,Shannxi Province Key Laboratory of Polymer Scinece and Technology.Under the support of "Double-First Class " construction, "985" and "211" projects, the department of applied chemistry have its own facilities such as X-ray photoelectronic spectroscopy, nuclear resonance spectroscopy, and scanning electronic microscopy.

The aim of the personnel training in department of applied chemistry is to focus on the fundamental and applied basic problems in the field of chemistry and materials for the major needs of the state and national defense, to promote postgraduate innovation through the all-dimensional quality education mode of "teaching and research practice, science issues and project integration", and training outstanding talents and scientific researchers for our national defense field and national economy.

TheDepartment of Applied Chemistry currently has 79 full-timefaculties,including24 professors, 34 associate professors. Among them,there are one"Cheung Kong Scholar" Distinguished Professorofthe Ministry of Education,twoTeaching Steering Committee membersofthe Ministry of Education, five“New century outstanding talents”of the Ministry of Education, oneShaanxi provinceexcellentteacher, two Shannxi Hundreds Talents, oneFok Ying Tung Young Teacher Award.Meanwhile, we also havefour well-known scholars at home and abroad asguestprofessors and honorary professors, three famous foreign scholarsas our outstanding researcher,and two well-known foreign scholarsasshort-term external teacher. Untill December 2017, there are83% ofour facultieshave Ph.D. degree and 60% of themhave overseas experience. They have formed a contingent of teachers with reasonable age structure and strong innovation ability and promotedsustainabledevelopment of research in chemistry and materials science.

Since 2012,theDepartment of Applied Chemistry has presided over and completed more than 160 national and provincial key projects such as key national defense projects and key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China with a total funding of 110 millionRMB. Its research achievements have laid the foundation for aerospace high-performance materials The foundation directly to promote the development of military new materials used in a number of national high-tech project model, the provincial and ministerial level won the4first prizes,5second prizes.The development of the modified bismaleimide resin to become China Active military aircraft composite structure of the main resin matrix, developed high heat resistance, high insulation phenolic resin used in many models in our country. More than 400 papers on SCI have been published in internationally renowned periodicals such as Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Mater., ACS Nano, Chem. Soc. Rev. and Macromolecules, and 5 paperswere elected as ESI hot papers, 23 Paperswereelected for ESI Highly Cited Papers.We authorized more than 40 National Invention Patents.Since 2011, the chemicalfieldentering thebasicsciencedatabase (ESI) Top 1% ofglobalinstitutions.

Approved by the Ministry of Education, in partnership with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), NPU has been granted permission by the Chinese Ministry of Education on May 20th, 2016 to establish a new Joint Educational Institution(JEI) called 'Queen Mary University of London Engineering School. The Queen Mary University College of Engineering in London began to recruit polymer majors (120 students/year) in 2017, teaching in English. The students will be awarded by both parties (Northwestern Polytechnical University Bachelor's degree certificate, bachelor's degree certificate and Queen Mary University London bachelor's degree certificate). This is also the first Sino-foreign cooperative education institution in our country to settle in the northwest region.