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Yong Xu

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Professor Yong Xu

Department of Applied Mathematics, School of Science,

Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, 710072, China





Research Area: Applied mathematics and mechanics

Research Interests: Random /Complex Dynamical Systems, Nonlinear/Stochastic Dynamics, Applied Probability & Statistics, Non-Gaussian noise

Research Projects:

1. The NSF of China (Grant no. 11372247), Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications in Some Biological Systems with Lévy Noise, 2014.1-2017.12, PI

2. The NSF of China (Grant no. 10972181), 2010.1-2012.12, PI

3. The NSF of China (Grant no. 10502042), 2006.1-2008.12, PI

4. The NSF of China, (Grant no. 11110301043), The First International Conference on Dynamical Systems and Modern Applied Mathematics, 2011.3-2011.12, PI

5. Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, 2012.1-2014.12, PI

6. The Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry, 2012.1-2013.12, PI

7. Shaanxi Project for Young New Star in Science & Technology, 2012.1-2014.12, PI

8. The Postdoctoral Foundation of China, 2005.4-2006.10, PI

9. The Natural Science Foundation of Shaaxi Province(Grant no. 2007A10), 2007.1-2008.12, PI

10. The Doctorate Creation Foundation in NWPU (Grant no.CX200326), 2003.4-2004.12, PI

11. The Graduate Starting Seed Fund in NWPU (Grant no. Z2003001), 2003.4-2004.6, PI

Teaching and Education Accomplishments:

- Undergraduate Courses: Probability & Statistics, Statistical Computing

- Graduate courses: Mathematical Statistics, Modern Statistics, Random Dynamical System, Stochastic differential equations, Levy Process and stochastic calculus

- Foreign students(master and PhD candidates): Mathematical Statistics, Modern Statistics

- Graduate Students supervised:

Master: GenHu Di(2008), Rencai Gu(2009), Xiying Wang(2009), Juan Wu(2009), Jing Feng (2010), Juanjuan Li(2010), Xiaoqin Jin(2011), Rong Guo(2011), Hua Wang(2011), Yongge Li(2012), Bin Pei(2012), Yanan Zhu(2012), HaoZhang(2013), She Sun(2013), Guobin Guo(2013),

PhD: Saba Gohar(2013)

Referees for:

Mathematical review(reviewer), International Journal of Bifurcation & ChaosNonlinear Dynamics, Journal of Vibration and Control, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Physica A, Advances in Mathematics and PhysicsStochastic & Dynamics, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Chinese Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Science in China, Acta Mechanica Sinica, Chinese Quarterly of Mechanics, Chinese Journal of Electronics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters.

Visits and speakers (partial):

- Professor Barbara Gentz, Department of Mathematics, University of Bielefield, Germany. 2012.1.15-2012.2.13

- Professor Ilya Pavlyukevich, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany. 2012.2.1-2012.2.3

- Professor Jinqiao Duan, Department of Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology, IL, USA, 2009.8.13-2010.8.16

- An invited speaker in the Special Session: A Glimpse of Stochastic Dynamics, The Second Pacific Rim Mathematical Association (PRIMA) Congress, Shanghai, 2013.6.24-28

Partial Publications (recently)

1. Xu Y., Feng J., et al, Stochastic bifurcation for a tumor–immune system withsymmetric Lévy noisePhysica A 392 (2013) 4739–4748, SCI

2. Xu Y., Feng J., et al, Lévy noise induced switch in the gene transcriptional regulatory system Chaos 23, 013110 (2013) , SCI

3. Xu Y., Jin X., et al,The Availability of Logical Operation Induced by Dichotomous Noise for a Nonlinear Bistable SystemJ Stat Phys (2013) 152:753–768, SCI

4. Xu Yong; Li Juanjuan; Feng Jing; Zhang Huiqing; Xu Wei; Duan Jinqiao, Lévy noise-induced stochastic resonance in a bistable system, Eur. Phys. J. B, 2013, 86, 198.

5. Xu Y., Gu R., Zhang H., Chaos in Diffusionless Lorenz System with a fractional order and its control, Int. J. Bifurcat. Chaos, 22(4), 2012, SCI

6. Xu Yong., Wu Juan., Zhang Hui Qing., Ma Shao Juan.: Stochastic resonance phenomenon in an underdamped bistable system driven by weak asymmetric dichotomous noise. Nonlinear Dynamics 70, 531-539 (2012)

7. Xu Y., Gu R., et al,Stochastic bifurcations in a bistable Duffing–van der Pol oscillator with colored noisePHYSICAL REVIEW E, 83 (2011), 056215, SCI

8. Xu Y., Duan J., Xu W., An averaging principle for stochastic dynamical systems with Lévy noise, Physica D, 240 (2011), 1395–1401, SCI

9. Xu Y., Gu R., Zhang H.,Effects of Random Noise in dynamical models of love, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 44 (2011), 490–497, SCI


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