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 Associate Professor 

ZANG Duyang

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CV- Duyang ZANG

PhD, Associate Professor


Personal data

Name:           Duyang ZANG

Address:        Department of Applied Physics, School of Science, Northwestern

  Polytechnical University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, P.R.China, 710129

Email:           dyzang@nwpu.edu.cn

Tel/Fax:         +86-29-88431618



2006-2009     Co-educated Ph.D student, Paris Sud University

2005-2009      Ph.D student, School of Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University(NPU)

2003-2005      Postgraduate student School of Science, NPU

1999-2003     B.S.School of Materials Science and Engineering, NPU



2010-present  Department of Applied Physics, Northwestern Polytechnical University

2011.9-10      School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh

2013.9-10      Laboratoire Charles Coulomb (L2C), Université Montpellier II et CNRS

2016.10-11    Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University



College Physics Experiments, Functional Soft Matter, Nonlinear Physics


Current research interest

²  Capillary phenomena, wetting, dewetting and drying

²  Interfacial rheology and dynamics: foam, emulsion, dispersion, liquid film/membrane

²  Droplet/bubble dynamics, complex fluids

²  Self-assembly/directed assembly of colloids, interfacial jamming

²  Phase behaviours in complex and soft matter systems

²  Field-responsive soft matter and materials


Selected Publications (* represent corresponding author)

[1] D.Y.Zang*, K. J. Lin, et al, " Acoustic levitation of soap bubbles in air: beyond the half-wavelength limit of sound”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 110, 121602, (2017)

[2] D.Y.Zang*, Y.K.Yu, Z.Chen, X.G.Li, H.J.Wu, X.G.Geng,“Acoustic Levitation of Liquid Drops: Dynamics, Manipulation and Phase Transitions”, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 243, 77-85(2017)

[3] Z. Chen, D.Y. Zang*, L. Zhao, M.F. Qu, X. Li, X.G. Li, L.X. Li, X.G.Geng Liquid marble coalescence and triggered microreaction inspired by acoustic levitation, Langmuir, DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b00347, 2017

[4] D.Y.Zang*, Z.Chen, X.G.Geng, "Sectorial oscillation of acoustically levitated nanoparticle-coated droplet”Appl. Phys. Lett., 108, 031603 (2016).

[5] K.J.Lin, D.Y.Zang*, X.G,Geng, Z.Chen,Revisiting the effect of hierarchical structure on the superhydrophobicity”, Eur. Phys. J. E, 39, 15(2016).

[6] D.Y.Zang*, Z. C. Zhai, L. Li, K. J. Lin, X. G. Li, X. G. Geng,“Vertical vibration dynamics of acoustically levitated drop containing two immiscible liquids”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 109, 101602 (2016)

[7] D.Y.Zang*J. LiZ.Chenet al"Switchable Opening and Closing of a Liquid Marble via Ultrasonic Levitation”Langmuir, 31,11502–11507 (2015).

[8] D.Y. Zang*, W. X. Zhang, et al, “Rejuvenated bouncing of non-Newtonian droplet via nanoparticle enwrapping”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 105, 231603 (2014).

[9] D.Y. Zang*, K.J.Lin, W. K.Wang, et al, “Tunable shape transformation of freezing liquid water marbles”, Soft Matter, 10, 1309-1314(2014).

[10]Y. J. Zhang, Y. M. Qian, Z. T. Liu*, Z.G.Li, D. Y. Zang*,  Surface wrinkling and cracking dynamics in drying of colloidal droplets”, Eur. Phys. J. E, 37, 84(2014).

[11] D.Y. Zang, P.S.Clegg*, “Relationship between high internal-phase Pickering emulsions and catastrophic inversion”, Soft Matter,  97042-7048(2013).

[12] D.Y. Zang*, Z.Chen, Y.J. Zhang, et al,  Effect of particle hydrophobicity on the properties of liquid water marbles”, Soft Matter, 9, 5067- 5073(2013).

[13] D.Y. Zang*, X.L. Wang, X.G. Geng, et al, “Impact dynamics of  droplets with silica nanoparticles and polymer additives”, Soft Matter, 9, 394-400(2013)

[14] Y. J. Zhang, Z. T. Liu, D. Y. Zang*, Y. M. Qian, K.J. Lin,  “Pattern transition and sluggish cracking of colloidal droplet deposition with polymer additives”, Sci China Phys. Mech. Astron, 56,1712-1718 (2013)

[15] D. Y. Zang*, Y. J. Zhang, Q.W.Hou, “Effect of hydrophobicity on tensile rheological properties of silica nanoparticle monolayers at the air-water interface”, Colloids and Surfaces A, 395, 262-266 (2012)

[16] D. Y. Zang*, Y. J. Zhang, “Surface pressure anisotropy and complex  relaxation of silica nanoparticle monolayer at the air-water interface”, Sci China Phys. Mech. Astron, 54,1587-1592(2011)

[17] D. Y. Zang, E. Rio, G. Delon, D. Langevin*, B. Wei and B.P. Binks, “Influence of the contact angle of silica nanoparticles at the air-water interface on the mechanical properties of the layers composed of these particles”, Mol. Phys., 109, 1057-1066 (2011)

[18] D. Y. Zang, D. Langevin*, B.P. Binks and B. Wei, “Shearing particle monolayers: strain-rate frequency superposition”, Phys. Rev. E, 81, 011604(2010)

[19] D. Y. Zang, E.Rio, D. Langevin*, B. Wei and B.P. Binks, “Viscoelastic properties of silica nanoparticle monolayers at the air-water interface”, Eur. Phys. J. E, 31,125-134 (2010)

[20] D. Y. Zang, A. Stocco*, D. Langevin, B. Wei and B.P. Binks, “An ellipsometry study of silica nanoparticle layers at the water surface”, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 11, 9522–9529 (2009)


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