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The 275th academic lecture by Prof. PATRICK j. WALSH was successfully held

On the morning of Friday, January 19, 2018, the 275th graduate lingxi academic hall, sponsored by the graduate work department of the party committee and undertaken by the school of science, was successfully held in the fifth conference room on the second floor of the digital building of chang 'an campus of our university. We invited the professor PATRICK j. WALSH of the university of Pennsylvania, who bring a report titled “New Reactions and Applications to Polymerization Processes”. Professor Dai Fuping, secretary of the party committee of the school of science, and many teachers and students of the school of science were present to listen to the report.

Professor PATRICK j. WALSH received his doctoral degree from the university of California, Berkeley, in 1991, and subsequently worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Scripps institution under professorK. B. Sharpless. And he joined San Diego state university in 1994 as an assistant professor;He entered the university of Pennsylvania as an associate professor in 1999 and has been a professor since 2005.Professor PATRICK j. WALSH is mainly engaged in the research of asymmetric synthesis, new synthesis methods, reaction mechanism and inorganic synthesis. He has published nearly 200 SCI papers in Nat. Chem., Chem.Rev., JACS, Angew Chemie., PNAS and other top journals.

In this report, professor PATRICK j. WALSH introduced his research results in c-c and c-s bond formation reactions. His laboratory has developed a series of Pd and Ni catalyzed deproton cross-coupling processes (DCCP), which can synthesize various small molecule building blocks for the pharmaceutical industry. Professor PATRICK j. WALSH also described the introduction of a new class of organic catalysts, showing that sulfonic anions promote the dehydrogenation of benzyl halide and the formation of alkynes, and the dehydrogenation of benzyl chloromethyl groups to form polymers. Finally, professor PATRICK j. WALSH had an in-depth exchange with the teachers and students present on some issues, and the atmosphere was very warm.

In this lecture, academician PATRICK j. WALSH not only brought you the international cutting-edge academic knowledge, stimulated the innovative research consciousness of teachers and students, but also further promoted the development of our school's discipline to a higher international level.