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Seminar on the improvement of teaching comprehensive ability of young teachers in mathematics courses in regional colleges and universities successfully held in our school

In order to promote the exchange and cooperation between the College of Mathematics (department) of Colleges and universities in the province, discusses how to build a high level mathematics curriculum teachers and enhance the comprehensive teaching ability of young teachers. On December 6th, 2018, the teachers ' Teaching Development Center and the Department of Applied Mathematics of the College of Science held the "Improvement of the comprehensive ability of young teachers in mathematics” Seminar. From the province and beyond 4 provincial teaching teachers, our school faculty more than 60 young and middle-aged teachers, 16 other colleges and universities in the province 13 supervisors in charge of teaching work of the Dean of mathematics and more than 90 first-line teachers of mathematics courses participated in the seminar. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Shenggui Zhang, director of Applied Mathematics at the College of Science, and Professor fuping Dai, Secretary of the party committee, spoke on behalf of the college, and Professor Genjiu Xu, deputy director of the Center for Teaching Research and teacher development of the school had a speech.

Member of the Mathematics Professional Committee of the National Teaching Steering Committee, deputy director of the Steering Committee of Mathematics Teaching in Liaoning Province, director of the Center for monitoring and evaluation of teaching quality at Northeastern University and deputy director of the Faculty of Education, Professor Shuni Song, first completed person of the National Teaching Achievement Award, Professor Hao Sun, Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Science, our school, Professor Jicheng Li, Secretary General of the Teaching Steering Committee of Mathematics courses, University of higher learning, Xi’an Jiaotong university, and Professor Liantang Wang, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Northwest University, four provincial teaching teachers around university mathematics teaching reform, teaching methods change, The construction of teaching platform and the cultivation of young teachers’teaching ability share their research achievements and experiences in teaching practice and teaching management.

Professor Lin Du of the Department of Applied Mathematics of our College of Science, associate Professor Ying Zhang and associate Professor Pan respectively demonstrated their award-winning works in the national micro-curriculum teaching competition, the University of Excellence Alliance College Young Teachers Teaching Innovation contest and the Shaanxi Province curriculum ideological and political teaching competition, which left a deep impression on the participants. It shows the good teaching accomplishment of young teachers in our school. Six mathematics courses from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xidian University, Northwest Universities, Shaanxi Normal University and Chang’an University in teaching competitions at all levels young teachers through on-site teaching demonstration, demonstrated the good comprehensive quality of young teachers in the new Era mathematics curriculum, by the participants alike.

As an important support unit for the school to carry out general education, the College of Science has undertaken more than one-third of the teaching work of the whole school. In order to ensure the quality of all kinds of class teachers and teaching work, as one of the first pilot implementation of the "Teacher Capacity training program" in the school, the College Teachers Teaching Development center around teaching research, young teachers teaching ability training and so on carried out a lot of work. In recent years, our University Mathematics course teaching a group of outstanding teachers have retired, for this reason, the College of Science to take stock of the curriculum, overall planning, according to the current trend of university mathematics education Teaching Reform, mobilize a group of scientific research quality, enthusiasm for teaching work of young teachers to join the university mathematics teaching work, and through the "Race to promote teaching" Ways to enhance their comprehensive teaching ability in all directions. A group of young teachers represented by Lin Du, Ying Zhang and Lulu Pan stand out, who have grown into the backbone of college mathematics teaching while winning a number of national, regional or Alliance University Teaching Competition Awards.

At the closing ceremony, Professor Yufeng Nie, vice president of the College of Science and head of mathematics, thought that the successful holding of the seminar would bring positive promotion to the transfer of teachers from the Department of Applied Mathematics of the College of Science to the undergraduate teaching work and the improvement of teaching ability, strengthen the exchanges and cooperation among the College mathematics teaching colleges in the province. To jointly improve the teaching level and ability of mathematics course teachers in universities in the province. Shenggui Zhang said that the reform of mathematics teaching in our university will take this meeting as an opportunity to construct the teaching of Mathematics course in the new era, renew the teaching idea, and strive for innovation, so as to provide a strong guarantee for improving the teaching quality of our undergraduate students.

(Edit/ Shenggui Zhang Audit/ Zhengyu Hong)