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School of Natural and Applied Sciences

School of Natural and Applied Sciences of Northwestern Polytechnical University, founded in July, 2003, comprises of the Department of Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry. The school is a research-oriented and science and technology-focused institution. It has four first-class disciplines (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Optical Engineering) and three second-class disciplines (Materials Physics and Chemistry, Material Science and Materials Forming Engineering). It provides 20 academic master degree programs, three engineering master degree programs, and nine bachelor degree programs. Among them, Materials Physics and Chemistry is the national key discipline and Applied Mathematics is the national defense key discipline. Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Chemistry and Physics of Polymers and Physical Chemistry (includes Chemical Physics) are four key disciplines of Ministry of Industry and Information of P.R.C. Physics has been listed in ESI (top 1% of global disciplines) from 2012 to 2013. Chemistry has been listed in ESI since 2011. The school has established postdoctoral research stations both in Mathematics and Physics.

In School of Natural and Applied Sciences, the area of laboratories is more than 6000 square meters. The school has five key laboratories. They are Space Applied Physics and Chemistry Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, Space Materials Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Province, Aggregated Structure and Properties Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Province, Technology of Optical Information Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Province and Polymer Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Province. The school has two engineering research centers of Shaanxi Province. They are Functional Polymer Adsorption and Separation Engineering Center and Rubber Materials and Products Engineering Joint Center. Moreover, the school has established an NPU-UOG International United Lab on Cardiology Calculation and Application and a public testing platform for chemistry. There are two provincial teaching demonstrations on physical and chemical experiments. The school has won an award for National Teaching Achievement.

School of Natural and Applied Sciences has 261 academic staffs, including 65 professors and 106 associate professors (62 doctoral supervisors and 147 master advisors). Among them, the school has an academician of Chinese Academy of Science, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, five professors including Distinguished Professors and Chair Professors of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program”, a National Outstanding Contribution Expert, two winners of the “National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholars of China”, a winner of “Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth”, two members selected for “New Century Talents Project” of the state-level, two winners of “National Outstanding Young Science Foundation”, a member of “Young Thousand Talents Program Scholars”, 11 members supported by the program for “New Century Excellent in University of Ministry of Education of China”, five distinguished teachers of Shaanxi Province, two members supported by “100-Talent Program” of Shaanxi Province, three members supported by the youth “100-Talent Program”, nine “New Stars on Science and Technology” of Shaanxi Province, two winners of provincial Youth Science and Technology. The school has formed an innovation research group of National Natural Science Foundation. Now, the school gradually forms a group of high-quality academic leaders and an academic echelon with reasonable age structures and knowledge levels.

The ability of scientific research innovation improves continually as the school has carried out long-term research in the natural science and applied technology field. The school has totally undertaken various 950 scientific research that more than 500 belong to National High Technology Plan (863) projects, National Development Plan on Fundamental Research (973) projects, projects of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), provincial and ministerial funds and international research and cooperation since its establishment. The school wins 38 technology awards at and above provincial and ministerial level, including a second-class National Natural Science Award, six national defense and technology awards, two natural science awards of Ministry of Education, 29 Science and Technology Awards of Shaanxi Province. Besides, more than 300 patents of invention applications have been authorized. Over the past five years, more than 1000 research papers have been published on top international journal such as Nature Photonics, Nano Letters and Advanced Materials. The number of NSFC obtained by the school ranks the first in Northwestern Polytechnical University in the years of 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. The scientific fund in the school is around 60 million every year.

For the next decade, oriented continually by the improvement of academic quality, School of Natural and Applied Sciences will strive to build a high-standard, research-based and international school with the goal of constructing first-class teachers and disciplines.