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Postgraduate Degree Programs

Pure Mathematics (M.S.)

Differential Equations

Theory of Functions

Algebraic Combinatorics


Computational Mathematics (M.S.)

Special Matrix and Its Fast Algorithm

Information, Coding and Processing of Graphics and Images

Computation Aided Geometric Design and Graphics

Visualization of Engineering Design and Computation

High Performance Computation in Science and Engineering

Fast and Parallel Algorithm in Information Processing


Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.)

Applied Probability Statistics and Stochastic Dynamic System

Information Processing and Temporal Serials

Quantitative Economics and Financial Mathematics

Numerical Simulation in Science And Engineering

Theory and Application of Fractal, Bifurcation and Chaos

Discrete Mathematics and System Control


Probability and Statistics (M.S.)

Applied Probability Statistics

Theory, Method and Application of Modern Probability Statistics

Mathematical Physical Statistics and Information Processing

Information Processing and Computer Vision


Analysis and Integration of Systems (M.S.)

Professional Systems and Information Processing

Analysis in Financial System

System Analysis and Control

Graph and Optimization of System Modeling


Statistics (M.S. Degree of Economics)

Quantitative Economics and Financial Mathematics

Industrial Statistics and Quality Control

Financial Temporal Serials Analysis and Financial Systems Engineering Analysis and Control


Operational Research and Cybernetics (M.S.)

Theory, Method and Application of Nonlinear Programming

Theory and Application of Graph and Combinatory

Optimization Method and Its Application


Materials Physics and Chemistry (Ph.D.)

Space Materials Science

Intelligent Materials Physics and Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

Physics of Films and Low-dimensional Materials

Physics of Functional Materials

Polymer Chemistry and Physics


Optical Engineering (Ph.D.)

Optical Information Processing

Novel Optoelectronic Devices

Optical Sensor

Optoelectronotics and Its Applications

Laser ...