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 The Key Laboratory of Space Applied Physics and Chemistry Ministry of Education 
 The Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Space Materials Science and Technology 
 The Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Condensed Matter Structures and Properties 
 The Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Optical Information Technology 
 The Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology 
The Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Optical Information Technology

The Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Optical Information Technology issupported by the Northwestern Polytechnical University. Construction was approved in April of 2005 by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education. The laboratory was ready in June of 2006. The research orientations of this laboratory are based on: modern optics, optoelectronics and instrument science, combining electronic and computer technology, studying new mechanism and technique on capture, modulation, processing, distinguishing of optical information and its applications in modern information technology and defense high-tech. The laboratory developmental aims are determined by the requirements of the national stratagem and the developments in science and technology, as well as the economy of Shaanxi Province. It is focused on advanced optical information and optoelectronic technology in west China. This laboratory accepts graduate students in optics (MS), optical engineering (MS, Ph.D.) and precise instrument and mechanics (Ph.D.). It also accepts postdoctoral and visiting scholars from universities and institutes. Moreover, it accepts over 40 students to accomplish their graduating thesis. At present there are over 60 staff working or studying in this laboratory, including four professors, fiveassociate professors, four lecturers and assistants, 30 graduate students, 20 doctorial candidates and one postdoctoral.

Over 30 research projects have been undertaken in this laboratory, including the foundation of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the Science Foundation of Aeronautics of China. Three textbooks and lectures in electronic edition for optics and advanced optics lectures have been published. Over 250 papers have been published in journals and international conference proceedings, and over 50 Chinese patents and Chinese utility model patents have been applied for. Excellent Teaching Prize of Shaanxi Province...