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 The Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology 
The Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology

The Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology was founded in 2006 was based on the Institute of Polymer Materialsand the Center of Engineering Plastics. Its aims are fundamental and applied research on polymer science and technology. There are 18 professors and associate professors in the laboratory, whose research interest is mainly on the following directions: Functional Polymer Materials, Resin Matrix Reinforced Advanced Composites and High-performance Plastic and Processing Engineering. The research projects were sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National High Technology Programs, and Shaanxi Province. In the past five years, more than 180 research papers have been published in high quality international journals and 6 academic research awards were received from Shaanxi Province.

Director of the Key Laboratory 

Professor FANXiaodong, Director of the laboratory

ProfessorZHANGQiuyu, Chair Professors of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program”

ProfessorZHANGGuangcheng, Director of Department of Applied Chemistry, vice director ofthe laboratory


Professor SU Kehe

Professor QIShuhua

Associate Professor Liu Yuyang

Associate Professor KONG Jie

Research Fields

Functional polymer materials and chemistry

  • Functional polymer materials for drug controlled release
  • Dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers and self-assembly
  • Polymer ceramic precursors
  • Adaptive polymers nanomaterials

Resin matrix reinforced advanced composites

  • Design and synthesis of novel high performance resin matrix including BMI, CE, PI, Epoxy resins
  • Low-cost processing of advanced composites including RTM, FRI, VARTM
  • Impact damage mechanism and dynamic fracture behavior of resin matrix reinforced advanced composites
  • Adaptive and smart nanocomposites

High-performance engineering plastic and processing

  • Modification of phenolic resin, silicon resin, PI, and fluoroplastics
  • Processing of complex component of engineering plastic
  • Lightweight structure foam plastics in...