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Research Outputs


  •  One Second Prize of Chinese National Natural Science Award
  •  One Second Prize of Chinese National Invention Award
  •  Two First Prizes of Chinese Aeronautical Science and Technology Award
  •  Five First Prizes of Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Award


Selected Publications

  1. W. J. Xie, C. D. Cao, Y. J. Lü, B. Wei, “Levitation of iridium and liquid mercury by ultrasound”, Physical Review Letters, 89(10), 104304 (2002)
  2. W. J. Xie, B. Wei, “Parametric study of single-axis acoustic levitation”,Applied Physics Letters,79, 881-883 (2001)
  3. W. J. Xie, C. D. Cao, Y. J. Lü, Z. Y. Hong, B. Wei,“Acoustic method for levitation of small living animals”,Applied Physics Letters,89,214102 (2006)
  4. W. J. Xie, B.Wei,“Sound field inside acoustically levitated spherical drop”, Applied Physics Letters,90,204104 (2007)
  5. W. J. Xie, B. Wei, “Dependence of acoustic levitation capabilities on geometric parameters”, Physical Review E, 66(2), 026605 (2002)
  6. W. J. Xie, C. D. Cao, Y. J. Lü, B. Wei, “Eutectic growth under acoustic levitation conditions”, Physical Review E, 66(6), 061601 (2002)
  7. W. J. Xie and B. Wei, “Dynamics of acoustically levitated disk samples”, Physical Review E, 70(4), 046611 (2004)
  8. Y. J. Lü, W. J. Xie, and B. Wei, “Observation of ice nucleation in acoustically levitated water drops”, Applied Physics Letters, 87, 184107-1~3 (2005)
  9. H. P. Wang, and B. Wei, “Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Evidence for Thermodynamic Property of Metastable Liquid Ternary alloys”, Applied Physics Letters, 2008; 93: (17) 171904
  10. H. P. Wang, W. J. Yao, and B. Wei, “Remarkable Solute Trapping Within Rapidly Growing Dendrites”, Applied Physics Letters, 2006; 89: (20) 201905
  11. H. P. Wang, C. D. Cao and B. Wei, “Thermophysical Properties of a Highly Superheated and Undercooled Ni-Si Alloy Melt”, Applied Physics Letters, 2004; 84: (20) 4062-4064
  12. H. P. Wang, W. J. Yao, C. D. Cao and B. Wei, “Surface Tension of Superheated and Undercooled Liquid Co–Si Alloy”...